Podcast 87: “Jason Coffee Special, Fall Edition 2012”; Sports Bets Gone Bad; Cold-Weather Smoking

Be glad and rejoice, for today’s podcast begins with the “Jason Coffee Special, Fall Edition 2012” (we’re trying Microsoft-style naming conventions for our new signature adult beverages); this tasty drink features medium-roast coffee, Carolans Irish cream and hints of ground cinnamon, blue agave and Grand Mariner. Then, Tony shares some legal-beagle insight into The D’s cancelation of sports-bet tickets on the Jets/Packers game. The Princes of Podcasting then wrap up the episode with some reflections on cold-weather cigar smoking. Cheers!

Podcast 33: SSNs and Taxes at the Casino; MI Bars Ban Legislators; Review of Saint Luis Rey; Regional Brewers

Podcast #33, recorded 8/28/11 — Jason and Tony talk about Social Security cards and numbers when winning big at the casino, then discuss a Michigan initiative among more than 500 bar owners to bar entry to state legislators until the state smoking ban is repealed. Then they guys talk about the Saint Luis Rey double corona, share thoughts about regional brewers and distillers, and give a shout-out to some of our recent Twitter friends.

Podcast 26: Cheap Comps; Smoking Preferences; Alcohol Tips

In this week’s episode: After trying unsuccessfully to heckle Jason’s professional podcast introduction, Tony discusses “cheap” (and ethically questionable) ways of building comps. Then the guys discuss the evolution of their cigar preferences, and wrap up with a grab-bag of tips about alcohol consumption.