Podcast 419: Crescent Creek Bourbon; New Humidors; Jason Buys a Box; Macanudo Inspirado; Conservative Craps Betting Strategy

Get ready to ruuuuumble. In this corner, the beleaguered Crescent Creek bourbon. In the other corner, Jason buys a box of cigars and a new humidor. In the other other corner, Tony smokes a Macanudo Inspirado. In the other other other corner, your gurus of gambling discuss Jason’s conservative craps betting strategery. Plus outtakes! It’s like Christmas at the end of June.

Podcast 155: Snow Day!

The Polar Vortex Snowpocalypse has hit the Vice Lounge Online, so in an abbreviated solo show, Jason shares a “first draft” segment about Sam Adams Winter Lager then strings together a series of never-before-heard outtakes from the last few years.