We’re always interested in hearing the latest in news, product development and insider-type stories from the casino gaming, premium cigar and adult beverage markets. Please take note of the following guidelines:

  1. VLO welcomes press releases and interview opportunities; call 888-321-4447 and leave a message or send a fax, or send email to “info” (no quotes) at this domain for more information. Transmission of information is no guarantee that we’ll cover it in a podcast or blog post.
  2. We are always willing to conduct interviews with experts or leaders in the industries we track, and to include interview segments on the podcast. Understand, however, that although we’re not a fan of hostile or gotcha-style interviewing, one of the co-hosts is a former newspaper editor. Consider any interview to be more “journalism” than “free PR.” We are willing to agree to a fixed question list before an interview, but not to prior review of a podcast before public release.
  3. We accept product samples to review, although we don’t solicit them or make free product a condition of reviewing any new product or service. Free samples will not be reviewed more or less favorably than product we purchase.
  4. Jason and Tony are available as expert sources for media stories about cigars, alcohol or casino gambling. We will connect curious journalists to more appropriate sources within the industry if we believe we’re not a right fit for a given story pitch.

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