Podcast 127, 7/21/13 … In this well-lubricated episode, Tony tries his own attempt at making the Casa Fuente’s signature Old Cuban. Then the Viceroys of Vice review the Oliva Connecticut Reserve, before Tony shares some interesting points about tipping at the casino with chips.

Podcast 126, 7/14/13 … Jason and Tony discuss the relative merits of gambling at Las Vegas Strip vs. the Freemont Street Experience vs. the Clark County locals’ casinos. Then Tony reviews the Davidoff Millennium Robusto and Jason covers the Macanudo Grand Cru Gigante. Wrapping it up: A brief discussion of “whiskey in a week.”

Podcast 125, 7/7/13 … Tony regales us with tales of basic blackjack strategy, then Jason explains the interplay of cigar length and ring gauge on flavor and construction. Wrapping up, in a VLO first, Tony — yes, Tony! — shares his own cocktail concoction.


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