Some Programming Notes!

A few things to share—

  • This week begins another four-arc podcast marathon. Jason’s voice has recovered and the glitch from last week has been re-accommodated (to use the airline euphemism). So expect four solid, good shows throughout May.
  • We’ll be going to 360 Vegas Vacation 6 at the end of May (although, inexplicably, VLO isn’t on the list …), as well as ZorkFest. Will we see you there? If we do, will we rub elbows at the Charity Craps tournament?
  • Jason—your friendly docent in the world of casino gaming, premium cigars and fine adult beverages—has embarked upon a career pivot, freeing up a significant amount of daylight hours. That means some of the stuff we’ve been tinkering with (including a delightful vice handbook) will soon see more traction, and we’ll beef up our Patreon rewards throughout May.
  • Have you taken our listener survey yet? It’ll take 5-10 minutes. As an industry standard survey instrument, the insights you provide will help us shape future programming.

Thanks for making the Vice Lounge Online a part of your life!

3 thoughts on “Some Programming Notes!

  1. Mike Reply

    “Career pivot” — if you weren’t self-employed, I’d say that’s a euphemism for laid off. 🙂 What’s your new career, Jason?

    • jason Post authorReply

      LOL, kinda-sorta. My position was eliminated, but we’ve had a four-month run prepping for severance, etc. I’m going into independent consulting. (By choice!)

  2. Mike Reply

    Ah. I thought you were solely self-employed. Sorry to hear about the layoff.

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