Podcast 355: W2Gs; Davidoff Year of the Dog; Toronto & Eeyore’s Requiem Cocktails

Podcast 355, 2/11/18 … Get ready for an extra-long monologue about W2Gs punctuated by the Toronto and the Eeyore’s Requirem cocktails and the Davidoff Year of the Dog cigar.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 355: W2Gs; Davidoff Year of the Dog; Toronto & Eeyore’s Requiem Cocktails

  1. Mike Reply

    Hey guys what’s the timetable when you’ll be at the casino? I’d love to say hi if it works. Too bad we cannot smoke the cigars at the casino (you should move it to one of Detroit’s for that reason, IMO).

    • jason Post authorReply

      Most of us — looks like a group of maybe eight people? — will appear between 2p and 8p on Friday night. I think most of us are checking out on Sunday mid-day. I expect all-day Saturday will be in the casino.

      Rumor has it we’ll be journeying to the Habanos SA store. We also have a private location lined up (I think — don’t hold me to it) for indoor smoking.

  2. Mike Reply

    This weekend? Hmm. How would I spot you?

    Have you checked on your cigar store? My favorite, the Casa del Habano on Ouellette, has been closed for months due to a major fire. They aren’t reopening until almost June, I’ve read. There are others but quality and selection are nowhere as good.

    • jason Post authorReply

      I’ll be the good-looking one. 🙂 My guess is that Tony will be wearing a Vice Lounge shirt. On Saturday, I’ll be wearing a black-and-grey zip-up light jacket with the Caffeinated Press (my publishing company) logo on the breast. Of course, you can tweet us @viceloungeol or call/text my toll-free line at 833-452-7664 (that’s 833-4-Jason-G).

      I did NOT know that Casa del Habano was closed. That was our favorite go-to place. Do you have an alternative recommendation?

  3. Mike Reply

    Nice phone number. No guarantees, but I’ll see what I can do. I know I have something going on Saturday evening.

    It’s really too bad about the casa. The fire was in June last year. Humidor One is also on Ouellette. Not as good a selection but a short walk from Casa and I believe have quality stock.

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