E-342: Aquavit; Negligence Lawsuit against MGM Corp; and the Liga Priva Unicos Velvet Rat

Podcast 342, 11/12/17 … This is fun. As you’re downloading and listening to this (for our dedicated listeners who listen as soon as they wake up), I’ll be enjoying my last morning in Memphis, TN with dear friends, Mark & Keren from 360 Vegas. My wife and I will have spent Thursday evening to Sunday (11/12) enjoying their company and all the fun things that Memphis has to offer.

In the mean time, please enjoy the Aquavit, Negligence Lawsuit against MGM Corporation discussion and the Liga Priva Unicos Velvet Rat!

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3 thoughts on “E-342: Aquavit; Negligence Lawsuit against MGM Corp; and the Liga Priva Unicos Velvet Rat

  1. Mike Reply

    Hey guys I’m in Vegas right now. I was asked to stub out my cigar while playing VP at Tag lounge at the Linq. Bartender says they’ve banned it at bartops, soon to be the rest of the floor? Not sure if he’s right, but I saw online that PH has reportedly banned them at tables and discourages them elsewhere. Not verified by me.

    • tony Post authorReply

      That’s just wild, Mike! I’ve seen the no cigar smoking signs at Pho’s table games and choose not to play there. But now at Linq’s VP bar? Bullshit. It’s like Vegas is TRYING to make me switch my vacations to Tunica!

  2. Mike Reply

    There’s no signs yet. I’m not convinced the policy will spread beyond the VP bars. Harrahs had those signs for several years but they came down during a remodel. But I don’t smoke at the VP bars there since.

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