E-341: Keweenaw, Upper Hand Beers; Casino Group Safety; Joya Black Cigar

Podcast 341, 11/5/17 … Welcome to November. As per the usual, we’ve recorded 4 shows, en mass, for the entire month. This week we review two more Upper Peninsula beers, one from Upper Hand Brewing and another from Keweenaw Brewing Company. They are some tasty craft beers.

Next, we discuss how to stay safe in the event of an emergency if you’re Vegas and you’re with a big group. The tragic events of Las Vegas remind us that when we’re with a group of friends, we need to stick together and ensure we’re all safe, collectively.

Finally, Jason will review the Joya de Nicaragua cigar. Tony has no cigar review for the month of November because he recently got a new job, which has prevented him from getting out to his beloved cigar shop as frequently as he’d like.

If you’re going to head to Atlantic City for the Zorkfest event, make sure to use the code: zorkeric to receive an additional 8% off your ticket. Hurry, discounts end Nov 15th!

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