E-339: Upper Hand & Keweenaw Breweries; Your Beer and Bartender’s Opinion; Don Pepin Garcia

Podcast 339, 10/22/17 … Hi-Dee-Ho, Neighborino! Because we got delayed in posting the show last week, I (tony) have decided to post the show early this week.

As such, we review two different beers from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, thanks to the generosity of friends of the show: Marty F., Tom C. and our buddy Frank! Specifically, we drink the Upper Hand Brewery’s Yooper Ale and the Keweenaw Brewing Company’s Hefe Royale.

Then, we discuss what your bartender thinks of you, based on your beer order.

Finally, we wrap up with a cigar review of the Don Pepin Garcia JJ. Tony and Jason also get into a philosophical argument over whether you should accept a cigar you don’t really like and probably wouldn’t smoke.

You might notice that this show is missing it’s gaming segment. True Story. The first three shows in this month of October have been 30+ minutes, despite the fact our show is only a 30-minute program. As such, we decided to forego a gaming segment to bring the show in under 30 minutes. We’ll be back for our traditional format of 10/10/10 for alcohol/cigar/gaming!

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