E-336: 360 VVV Trip Report & Texas Whiskeys

Podcast 336, 10/1/17 … We review two TX whiskeys and do a 360 Vegas Vacation V Trip Report!

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5 thoughts on “E-336: 360 VVV Trip Report & Texas Whiskeys

  1. Mike Reply

    MSS has just as many $5 3-2 blackjack tables, do they not? Never stayed at Cal or MSS. Congrats on the royal. Mine in February was at MSS.

    • tony Post authorReply

      They sure do. If the MSS rooms were as new & modernized as the Cal rooms, it’d be a really, REALLY tough call which of the two places I’d prefer. As it stands today, I think the Cal’s refurbed rooms edge out the classic beauty of the MSS casino floor. That said, I might likely stay at The Cal but gamble at MSS on my next downtown trip. The fun is in the mental debate! =)

  2. Mike Reply

    Tony, are you sure the Cromwell blackjack is 2 deck? I’ve seen a continuous shuffle “hand toss” BJ game that was not as good as it appeared one time.

    I’ll be in Vegas next month.

    • tony Post authorReply

      Double check me, but to the best of my recollection, they shuffled the two decks in front of me after the cut card came out. No, to be fair, it’s a $15 minimum table–which is the rub.

  3. Mike Reply

    I thought I heard you say $5 — which shocked me. You have to go back to the mid-aughts to find $5 blackjack at the late, great Barbary Coast.

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