Podcast 302: Tony’s Christmas Vacation Trip Report

Podcast 302, 15-Jan-2017 … Tony regales us with exciting tales of his family’s Christmas vacation trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

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10 thoughts on “Podcast 302: Tony’s Christmas Vacation Trip Report

  1. Mike Reply

    I think the Montecristo bar is far enough away from Casa Fuente and the offer a different enough environment that they won’t canabalize each other.

  2. Mike Reply

    I disagree with Tony on the red light/green light system. Perhaps he plays quicker than me, but I did have a problem at at least 1 bar with my comps. Perhaps I stopped to talk to another patron too frequently.

    Also, nothing stops people from sitting at the bar just to drink or watch TV. I rarely see bartenders asking non-gambling customers to move.

    • tony Post authorReply

      A few of the bars I saw did have “seats are for players only”. So I assume if you asked someone if you could have their spot, they’d likely acquiesce.

    • tony Post authorReply

      Maybe. But I’m not above pointing to the “Machines reserved for players” sign and being a dick about it! =)

    • tony Post authorReply

      You lucky son-of-a-gun! I’m very jealous of you! I’d tell you to have a fantastic time but that seems pretty obvious…after all…it’s VEGAS, BABY! 😀

  3. Mike Reply

    I hit a royal while playing a bartop 25-cent 9/6 JOB machine at Main Street Station (and enjoying some delicious house craft beers) Friday night — my last in Vegas.

    Of course I was playing max coin.

    • tony Post authorReply

      This is reason 527 why I just love everything about Main Street Station! Congrats to you and “YUM!” to just the thought of those craft beers. The “Red” is my go-to favorite.

  4. Mike Reply

    If I recall, I introduced you two to the wonders of Main Street Station… or at least the beer.

    It’s near impossible to find bartop full-pay VP anywhere else.

    I love the Black Chip Porter, and the pale ale is good, too. I prefer the Four Queens’s IPA from Chicago Brewing Co. in the upstairs cigar bar, but MSS’ is decent.

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