E-273: 360 Vegas Trip Report & Davidoff Cigar Bar

Podcast 273, 5/29/2016 … While drinking Crown Royal XR, we do a review and recap of whawt happened during the latest 360 Vegas Vacation 3 trip! Plus we have a great interview with Matt Arcella who owns the beautiful Davidoff Cigar Bar in front of the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip!

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6 thoughts on “E-273: 360 Vegas Trip Report & Davidoff Cigar Bar

  1. Mike Reply

    Is there a minimum play-through to get drinks comped at the Davidoff cigar bar (max coin, $20, $50)?

    • tony Post authorReply

      While I don’t know for a fact, I’m going to guess it’s probably the traditional put in $20, play max bet. I can’t wait to get there to find out for sure and first-hand! 😉

  2. Mike Reply

    I should be there a few times this fall. I’d be pretty happy to get a decent scotch (JW Black) comped or good beer, or even buy it a at a subsidized price.

    • tony Post authorReply

      Mike, if by “there” you are referring to the Montecristo Bar at Caesar’s Palace, then yes, I’m 99% certain you can either both comped at their video poker bar. Alastair took pics of their drink menu and a good number of their bourbons were under $14 (the comp limit). So I would imagine that JW Black *should* fall within their comp category. Regardless, when you do go out, we’d LOVE a trip report about how it all played out. Their under $14 spirits were 1.5 oz pours so you could shoot those (essentially). How frequently do they re-pour? That’d be interesting to know, especially if they have those lights on the back of the machines, a la Mirage.

      • Mike Reply

        I was referring to Vegas in general but of course I plan to get over there as much as I can.

        I’ll do my best to get you some info.

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