E-256: Blood & Sand Cocktails and Vegas Trip Report!

Podcast 256, 1/31/2016 … In this week’s show, we compare and contrast a Blood & Sand cocktail! One is made with Evan Williams Black Label (good only as a mixer) and another where we swap out the bourbon for JW Black Label Scotch. The traditional way to make a Blood & Sand is with Scotch, it does add a different complexity to the drink. Which do you prefer?

Then, Tony tells you about the good & bad of Vegas during the week between Christmas and New Years! A couple really great stories about Craps/Slots/High Limit Rooms!

Remember: Louisville, KY and the 5th Anniversary of the Vice Lounge Online will take place Thursday, March 31 – Sunday, April 3 at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana and downtown Louisville. We’re going to check out the Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve distilleries! If you think you might swing by and hang out with us, please make sure to let us know so we can include you in the RSVP numbers we’re giving to our contacts!

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5 thoughts on “E-256: Blood & Sand Cocktails and Vegas Trip Report!

  1. Mike Reply

    I agree with you two on restaurant tipping. I am not sure how the “minimum” tip for “barely acceptable” service seems to have increased to 15% when the Great Recession slashed pay for many people, including me.

    My company doesn’t reimburse for tips above 20% when traveling, so I usually keep it around 15%. A 15% tip doesn’t give a server any kind of a message except that it wasn’t a generous table.

    • jason Reply

      True. My company doesn’t have a tip cap, but it does have a limit of $65 in meals PER DAY. Inclusive of gratuities.

  2. Mike Reply

    That burger place at the Paris/Ballys concourse also has a great happy hour, with 2-1 drinks and hot waitstaff. They do require both drinks be served at once, however.

  3. Kiffi Reply

    10% if it’s absolutely horrible, in Europe you don’t tip if the service is bad I like their style more.

    @Mike is it Burger Brasseire? If so that place is really good.

  4. Mike Reply


    Yep, that’s it. There’s too many gourmet burger joints in Vegas now (I miss KGB at Harrahs) and there are several I think have better burgers at better prices than Brasseire, but I really enjoy their happy hour.

    For some reason, draft beer isn’t included in the deal, however.

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