Podcast E-249: White Chocolate Martini, Daily Fantasy Sports Update, Cigar FAQs

Podcast 249, 12/13/2015 … Welcome to the Christmas season! Why not try a White Chocolate martini made with Godiva liqueur? Don’t mind if we do! Next we update you with what’s going on nationwide in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. Finally, we finish up with answers to questions many people are afraid to ask about cigar and smoking cigars!

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7 thoughts on “Podcast E-249: White Chocolate Martini, Daily Fantasy Sports Update, Cigar FAQs

  1. Mike Reply

    I disagree on any suggestions to relight a day-old cigar. It just isn’t going to be good. Unless you need a nicotine fix — and most cigar smokers should not — it’s not going to be a very enjoyable experience.

    • jason Reply

      I, personally, wouldn’t think of it. But you’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how many of the college-aged guys at our local lounge ask the question.

      • Mike Reply

        Not surprised I guess, but even letting a cigar sit burned out for an hour is going to affect taste. If they need to save cigars like that, they need to buy cheaper or smaller sticks — probably both.

        • tony Post authorReply

          As an “end of year” treat, I purchased a $25 Davidoff Anniversario #3 to enjoy yesterday (New Year’s Eve Day) and only got through half of it before I needed to get going. So I saved it and will have it in my humi in a ziplock bag. I’ll probably enjoy it over the weekend and see if there are any discernible flavor changes to it. No harm, no foul if there are…but I thought I’d give it a whirl and see how it plays out. Might be a cigar segment in here somewhere! =)

          • Mike

            Good luck…. I wouldn’t trust a ziplock to keep the stink of a half-smoked cigar at bay. You should report the results on your show.

          • tony Post author

            For sure I will…good or bad, I’ll report back in one of the next few shows.

  2. Mike Reply

    You guys also may have wanted to mention you cannot travel by air with torch lighters or strike-anywhere matches. That’s why having a Bic-style disposable (I prefer Djeep) is a good idea. Butane is an odorless, tasteless fuel.

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