Podcast #240: VIMFP DTCBOF, Woodford Reserve Rye & CRA Emails

Podcast 240, 10/11/15 … You didn’t miss an episode, dear listeners. Tony & Jason screwed-up the numbering of the shows when we last recorded. So there was a 237, a re-named 237b and a 238. But trust us when we say that we’re back on track with the proper numbering (at least until we over-imbibe during a podcast-athon and forget basic counting skills).

This week we lay out our Danny Tanner Clipboard of Fun for VIMFP! For those unfamiliar with the DTCBOF reference, you should check out this YouTube clip here: DTCBOF video

Then we discuss the delicious Woodford Reserve Rye that is only available in select markets (and, sadly, Michigan is NOT one of those markets).

Finally, Tony shares an email exchange he had with Cigar Rights of America. If ever there’s an organization worthy of your hard earned dollar, it’s CRA!

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