Podcast 231: VLO has a third co-host this week!

Podcast 231, 8/2/15 … We don’t have co-hosts because (obviously) we think we’re the best. But occasionally, we find someone that impresses even us! This week we’ve got Dr. John Lowery (@john_w_lowery on Twitter) as a third co-host for the show!

He graciously procured for us some Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock & Rye which has been dubbed as their “Famous Rye Old Fasioned” plus homemade bitters he made! If you’d like to try what we’re drinking (minus the bitters, but Tweet John, I bet he’d sell you a bottle for $50!) you can go here: www.drinkslowandlow.com

We also talk about Vegas, what we like to play, when “Vegas” clicked for us and what casino makes us feel the most energized.

Finally, each guy has their own respective cigar review based on a trip to Okemos’ favorite cigar shop: The Corona.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 231: VLO has a third co-host this week!

  1. Mike Reply

    My first time in Vegas in 2000 was booked through a newspaper ad for a junket with a buddy. We stayed at Excalibur. It wasn’t run down back then, but it also struck me as the world’s largest Motel 6 with a casino. Motel-quality rooms. I stayed there one other time about 8 years ago for a conference to save my company money. I won’t again unless I have to.

    That said, if it’s on my own dime, I will stay at the cheapest safe hotel I can find in a good location. I stayed at the IP many times for a $20-$30/night gambler rate, even on weekends, and was very happy — even as others bitched at how run-down it was.

    One guy in the elevator complained that he booked a special weekend with his girlfriend and it was a dump. My response was “It’s cheap. What did you expect?”

    I also used to stay at the Sahara for $15/night in the last year or so before it closed. They also had $1 hot dogs and blackjack. I was very happy.

    I have stayed at the Stratosphere for $30/night and Binions once for about the same price when it still had a hotel. Binions was in sad shape.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Thanks for sharing, Mike! I’m always fascinated with a person’s “first time” in Vegas and where they’ve stayed. In E-232, we’re going to talk about when Vegas “clicked” for us. It seems like most people agree it took them a 2nd or even 3rd visit before their love of Vegas was formed. I know I was. By the 3rd trip, I was hooked, for sure! 2nd really got me there, but 3rd was over the top fun.

      • Mike Reply

        I liked it from the get-go, but you’re right it took a couple more trips and the increasing frequency of visits that came with my current job for me to really love it.

        I tried for years to get a buddy from Denver to join me in Vegas. Finally he did about 3 years ago. It another visit for him to be fully addicted. Now he’s always asking when my next work trip will be there. 🙂

  2. Mike Reply

    I am glad I turned you guys on to Main Street Station. I like El Cortez, too, but many of its dealers appear to be pretty new to the US and they are not inclined to talk much. The “best” beer they typically comp away from the bar is only Heinkien. Both makes me less likely to stay and gamble for a long time.

    They have really upgraded their HVAC system, though. They used to be wall-to-wall smoke.

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