Podcast 203: Predictions for 2015; @FoundersBrewing Backwoods Bastard

Podcast 203, 1/4/15 … Jason and Tony perform their annual tradition of ringing in the new year with a predictions show. Plus, they review the Backwoods Bastard barrel-aged ale from Founders Brewing Co.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 203: Predictions for 2015; @FoundersBrewing Backwoods Bastard

  1. Mike Reply

    New Orleans is currently exploring a smoking ban that as currently written, would not exempt Harrah’s in any form. The casino is fighting it. It would also ban smoking in bars, including those in the French Quarter, except for cigar bars.

    What makes you think 2015 will be a particularly watershed year for casino smoking bans? Casino operators have not changed their belief that bans impact revenue, and in places with partial bans like AC and PA, operators still say the smoking side generates more revenue.

    That could change in the future, but the smoking rate of heavy gamblers is still higher than the general population.

    I do believe a full smoking ban in casinos is inevitable, including Vegas, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon — at least in Nevada.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      My thinking is based less on operator opinion — market share will rule the day; if you can’t get a good gamble or a good smoke, you’re kneecapping yourself in a market where good gambles and/or good smokes are possible — than on the regulatory push. State legislatures are now more GOP-controlled now than since the Coolidge administration, so I don’t think a strong push from state capitols will drive an increase in bans. At least, not consistently and not nationwide.

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