Cigar Smoking & Camaraderie

If you listened to our Vegas Internet Media Family Picnic (VIMFP) re-cap part II, you no doubt heard us lambaste Bar 46 for not having any basic bar staples on hand to fix our beloved cocktail (The Smoked 46). But if you’ve been there, you know there is a beautiful outside patio available for its patrons (with a 2 drink minimum), which permits smoking (for now).

The funny thing about that experience is: With three weeks under our belt from then to the date of this blog post,  I’m still coming back to that evening with nothing but incredibly happy memories. While that memory is marred by the lack of spirits available to its patrons, the patrons with whom I spent that evening continues to shine on. What was the saving grace of that experience? The cigars we smoked and camaraderie we had with one another.

For me, the time I was able to spend with the great folks of the Denton Dallas & Beyond team, plus Twitter’s @mitzula & @david__shapiro was one of the highlights of my most recent trip to Vegas (and folks I would highly recommend following on Twitter). And when that memory flashes into my mind, the one major aspect that is associated with that evening were the cigars we all enjoyed together. The more I smoke cigars, the more experienced I become with The Leaf, the more I realize that cigar smoking is as much (and perhaps more) about the people with whom you experience these cigars, than it is the flavors you connote.

Trust me, I’ve spent a fair number of solo evenings enjoying a fine quality stogie. But I bet I can only remember two or three instances where I recall where I was, what I was smoking and what my impressions were of that cigar. It’s because, for me, the experience involving the smoking of the cigar is as important as the cigar itself.

I spent 72 hours in Vegas last month, 22(-ish) of them I spent sleeping off my alcohol induced coma. Therefore, I realistically had 50 hours where I was wide awake and ready to go. What did I do? How well can I describe what I did and who I was with? Ok, I can probably recall (accurately) 25 of those hours. But of those 25 hours, roughly 12 of them were VIMFP related activities so a simple reference to their Agenda would refresh my memory. The trick is to recall the things in which I partook when I wasn’t “required” to be anywhere. That is where the game gets trickier. Yet, despite the cocktails, the gambling, the eating and sight-seeing, one experience which plays like a movie in my mind are those few hours we spent together, just commiserating over a well rolled cigar. To be clear: we were smoking a Vato Cigar from Vatos at Binion’s, we were NOT commiserating about the cigars themselves–just life.

I know the old adage, “No one says on their death bed ‘If only I’d have spent more time in the office instead of with my family'”, but I consider the people with whom I herf to be my family (extended or otherwise), it’s moments like these that make me realize I’m enjoying my time while I have it.

Go out and enjoy some time with people you care about, but make sure you bring extra smokes for your friends.


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