Podcast 107: History of Gambling; Drew Estates Java Mint; Oliva Connecticut Reserve; Sinatra Smash

Podcast 107, 2/24/13 … In this episode:

  • Tony delivers a monologue about the history of legal gaming in the United States,
  • Tony reviews the Drew Estates Java Mint cigar,
  • Jason reviews the Oliva Connecticut Reserve cigar, and
  • Jason makes Sinatra Smashes to enjoy while we podcast.

Click >> HERE << to download the MP3.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 107: History of Gambling; Drew Estates Java Mint; Oliva Connecticut Reserve; Sinatra Smash

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Just finished this one while smoking a 5 year old Bolivar (not the Cuban variety) on the back patio. Great show, as always.

    Revel wanted to be “Cosmopolitan (of Las Vegas)” east, which was a bad idea to begin with. People with that kind of money on the east coast will fly west for the real thing. Add in the no smoking policy in a town that caters to older people from nearby states, and you had a recipe for disaster. I conjectured this experiment DOA on the day I heard about it.

    Drew Estates “infuses” their cigars, unlike some of the other “sweetened” cigars. They won’t say what the process is, but I imagine they are put in a room with the aroma highly concentrated. Cigars are natural products, and like paper or leather or anything else will “pick up” a strong smell they are around.

    Little trick I use: When I “think” that I have a cigar lit, I blow on the end of it. You should see an even display of red without any dark marks. Otherwise, the cigar isn’t totally lit. And believe me… I’ve had a similar problem with way too many until I learned that trick. The initial lightation is so important. If it is too late (and this is the only time I suggest doing this), take a torch lighter and just torch the hell out of the side that isn’t burning. Not while puffing… just get it so hot that it HAS to burn. Then resume as normal. More often then not, you’ll save the stick.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Good points, sir. My favorite torch has a mirrored surface inside the lid; I can usually see the foot of the cigar while I’m lighting it, reflected off that lid.

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