Podcast 95: Hole Carding; Medium-Term Care of a Cigar; Local Seasonal Beers

Podcast 95, 11/25/12 … Tony shares some info about “hole carding” then Jason and Tony discuss best practices for caring for a cigar when it’ll be out of your humidor for several days or longer. A paean to local seasonal beers brings the train into the station.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 95: Hole Carding; Medium-Term Care of a Cigar; Local Seasonal Beers

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    One more suggestion for travel cigars: Many cigar retailers will have at least one or two brands which come in tubes and are sealed tight. These were humidified when packaged and will not need any other humidification provided you don’t open the cap until that blissful time to light up.

    Hint: Davidoff has a three cigar tubos sampler which your Davidoff retailer should be able to obtain for you.

    The retailer can probably let you know what he can get in tubos, and already carries the same brands so you can try one and make sure it interests you. You may wish to tell the retailer that you’ll guarantee do buy x amount of the box (7 cigars or whatever) if he orders the tubos box just to guarantee he doesn’t end up sitting on them forever.

    This is good advice anytime you are requesting a special order from your retailer (unless you are going to buy the entire box). Keep in mind that they have to buy the cigars and if they sit on the shelf forever, that is money collecting dust. However… the wholesale price he pays is usually roughly 1/2 of the retail price. So, if you promise to buy 1/3 to 1/2 the box, he’s protected.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      This is excellent advice.

      And if you keep the tube and its cap, you could potentially re-use it in a pinch with other cigars!

    • Mike Reply

      I disagree a little. The tubes certainly help — and I save mine for transporting similarly sized sticks — but the seal is not so tight to guarantee that you won’t have to keep it in a humidor.

      A previous cigar shop patron could have opened the tube to take a sniff, breaking the original seal, and may not retighten it sufficiently. I still recommend a humidor. A couple plastic ziplock bags with a wet paper towel in one of them and the cigars inside the dry one (place the bag with the cigars inside the bag with the paper towel) are a good temporary solution in lieu of a humidor.

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