About Us

You may be thinking: Who are these yahoos, and why the hell are they nattering on about cigars and casino games and fine Scotches and whatnot?

Good question. Allow us to explain.

Jason Gillikin

Jason Gillikin is a jack-of-all-trades from Grand Rapids, Michigan. An accomplished bullshitter thanks in large part to his degree in philosophy, Jason currently works as a business-media consultant and freelance journalist/editor. A veteran cigar lover since 2007, and a connoisseur of fine wines and spirits for much longer, Jason is a relative n00b to formal casino gaming, but if tax records are any indication, he seems to be catching up for lost time. In his free time, he tries to keep up with his scuba diving and writing. Reach Jason professionally by visiting Gillikin Consulting.

Tony Snyder

Tony Snyder is an attorney with a passion for gaming law! He is married with no children, travels to Vegas more that he probably should, and completely believes in word of mouth marketing as the primary way to build your business. Tony was a solo practice attorney for six years before joining the firm where he currently works. He has served as a Legislative Director for a state Senator, he was a Blackjack dealer for a NW Indiana casino during his college years and occasionally teaches young minds full of mush the nuisances of politics as an Adj. Political Science instructor.

Here’s our story:

In the late summer of 2010, Jason and Tony sat down for a couple of hours in a cigar lounge in Brighton, Michigan. Settling down into the alligator-leather couches with an Avo No. 5 in one hand and a neat Johnnie Walker Black in the other, the pair reminisced about more than 13 years of friendship that stretches back to their undergraduate days at Western Michigan University and about Tony’s forthcoming wedding in Las Vegas.

In that moment of quiet manly bonding, the two had an epiphany: This is worth something. The simple luxury of a good smoke and a good Scotch, talking about life and love and The Happiest Place on Earth, is an intrinsic good, and it’s something that we want to share with a wider world.

Your humble correspondents may occasionally pretend to be all-wise, all-knowing sages about the manly vices, but — like you — we are active learners. We will make mistakes, but we do so in a spirit of exploration.

Thanks for walking the vice-filled path with us.

About the Author

Jason is the principal of Gillikin Consulting, a business-media and ethics consultancy based in Grand Rapids, Mich.