E-307: 4 Reasons Online Gambling Legal; Adding Caramel Color to Whisky, Autumn Cocktail; Cigar Industry vs FDA

Podcast 307, 2/19/17 … So we intially said no show for 2/19/2017…and TECHNICALLY we didn’t do a show that day–we recorded on 2/21! But we decided we had a lot to say (no nobody’s surprise, I’m sure) so instead we got together on a Monday night and recorded. Here what we will discuss:

–4 reason to keep online gambling legal
–adding caramel color to your whiskey/grand autumn cocktail
–cigar industry lawsuit against FDA

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Tony is a solo practice attorney in Mid-Michigan with an emphasis on Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Business Law. He also enjoys Davidoff cigars, Las Vegas and Bacardi rum.