E-284: Knob Creek Single Barrel; Eiroa & Camacho Cigars; Blackjack

Podcast 284, 9/11/2016 … The boys of Vice Lounge Online would like to take a moment to remember the tragic day that was this date, 15 years ago. Thank you to the brave men & women who wear a uniform to keep us safe each and every date. Whether it is a first responder, a EMT or someone in our military–thank you for what you do.

This week the boys drink the Kobe Creek single barrel reserve, they smoke the Eiroa CBT, the Camacho Shellback 2015, whilst discussing how best to develop your cigar palate, and finally, the walk you through the best way to play soft hands at blackjack.

But this week’s content shouldn’t be missed…and neither should the outtakes at the end!

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Tony is a solo practice attorney in Mid-Michigan with an emphasis on Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Business Law. He also enjoys Davidoff cigars, Las Vegas and Bacardi rum.