Question of the Day: Cigar Price Points

What's the optimal price point for a "daily smoke," and what's the maximum you'd pay for a retail cigar for a special occasion?

Cigar smokers aren’t stupid; if they can get decent smokes at a decent price, they’ll opt for those over decent smokes at an inflated price. But the question is, what’s elevated? What’s decent?

At a recent trip to The Corona, for which Tony said he’d buy the cigars, I was sorely tempted to acquire a fancy Davidoff in a huge wooden tube for a whopping $45. I’ve bought a $45 stick before; at the Casa Fuente store in Las Vegas, I did grab a delicious, creamy Fuente Fuente Opus X and savored every dollar’s worth.

But hang around the humidor long enough, and you see that frequent smokers are often value smokers. They’ll favor the $6 cigars over the $20 cigars, saving the latter for special events. Some sophisticated cigar smokers even say that they think that above $10, you’re paying for the band instead of the tobacco.

Fair enough.

So the VLO question of the day: What’s the optimal price point for a “daily smoke,” and what’s the maximum you’d pay for a retail cigar for a special occasion?

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