Cusano 18 Review

A great mild cigar which never disappoints.

As I mentioned in my post about Vegas Lent, one of the things I need to do is get my body accustomed to that nicotine high so that when I’m at the craps, blackjack, roulette table OR playing me some serious video poker, I don’t feel like I’m going to vomit all over everyone because the cigar I’m smoking is more potent than I’d intended.

As part of that re-introduction of sweet, sweet nicotine into my system, I picked up an old stand-by which (as usual) didn’t disappoint. I lit up a wonderfully creamy Cusano 18 year, double Connecticut cigar. In particular, I grabbed the Toro which is a 6.5″ x 46 ring gauge. It’s a bit of a longer smoke that I usually get (I prefer 5-5.5″ cigars), but I had all the time in the world to smoke it so I figured, “Why not?”!

I have to say that this smoke doesn’t have a lot of flavor to it, but that’s okay. I wanted something simple, yet elegant for the palate. This smoke did just that. I love Connecticut shade wrapped cigars and this one is double that! With a wrapper and binder comprising this delicious cigar, a newbie smoker can’t go wrong. Likewise, if you’re looking for something that won’t confound the taste buds, but instead makes you want to enjoy quality stick, you’ve found it here.

I suspect I’ll be back in the next 48-72 hours to smoke another one of these, I just enjoyed it so much. I did notice that near the halfway marker it did tend to get a little acidic, but nothing that make it unsmokable. The smoke was plentiful, I did have to wave some of it away as I was taking puffs off from it, but it was certainly manageable. The burn was superb, the ash quality. One time, my fault–not the cigar’s, the ash fell from the stick into my lap and chair. Oops, better pay closer attention next time.

I picked this particular stick not just because it’s a great creamy-mild cigar but also because it’s part of the Davidoff collection. My smoke shop has recently invested in the Davidoff line, which is very expensive because of the sheer amount of inventory demanded by the company, and I wanted to support their decision. I know, bit of a stretch, but my money is good there so my logic is too! They promised that the 6 massive boxes would be opened and shelved in the next couple of days. That’s pretty freakin’ cool. I hope they’ve got some 2000’s in those boxes.

As always, the Cusasno 18 was an excellent smoke, this guy gives it a solid A.


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Tony is a solo practice attorney in Mid-Michigan with an emphasis on Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Business Law. He also enjoys Davidoff cigars, Las Vegas and Bacardi rum.